Henderson woman caught shoplifting Palm Corned Beef inside her vagina

A woman from Henderson, west Auckland has been arrested after allegedly stealing five Palm Corn Beef tins – four of which she hid inside her vagina.

The 36-year-old is facing charges and fines after being arrested Monday afternoon Pak n’ Save, Henderson. Police arrested and charged the woman with shoplifting after store employees said that they had seen her walking through the store, sticking food up her dress.

Officer James Matthews of the Henderson Police said that Fray was given a full body search after she was handcuffed, and several tins of corn beef fell onto the floor between her legs.

“I thought she stuffed a bunch of things in her pants so I gave her a fast pat down, when I felt nothing and saw the corn beef cans to fall out of her pants, I knew something was up,” said Officer Bryant. “A female officer was called in after the woman was brought to the station, and a more thorough search was initiated.”

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