Large commercial meth lab uncovered at Gloriavale

A meth laboratory in the bush at the Gloriavale Community could have produced “several kilograms” of methamphetamine each week, detectives say. 

It was discovered after a number of search warrants were executed in the Gloriavale community in recent weeks, Detective Pilgrim said in a statement. 

The search of the Gloriavale Community found the “clandestine” laboratory tucked in the bush area of the exclusive community. A firearm, ammunition and a large stash of cash was buried near a dwelling on the same property. 

The dismantling of the lab will significantly disrupt the supply of the drug in the area,  Detective Inspector Wright of the National Organised Crime Group said in a statement. 

A 80-year-old man and 74-year-old woman have been arrested and will face charges. 

“The impact this drug has on the community cannot be understated,” Wright said. 

“It destroys families and lives, and the desire to obtain the drug is a driver of a lot of crime and harm in our communties.” 

Investigation teams and the Asset Recovery Unit will look to seize property obtained through the alleged crime, Wright said.

The search of a family residence in the community uncovered half a kilogram of MDMA. Further inquiries are being made and charges are likely. 

Anyone affected by methamphetamine addiction can seek help through the Alcohol and Drug Helpline 0800 787 797 or text 1737 to speak with a trained counsellor.