Mt Maunganui man arrested for stealing hundreds of panties off clotheslines

A 46 year old man has been arrested for allegedly breaking into peoples backyards and stealing women’s underwear off clotheslines. Police say they found 570 pairs of panties and 98 bras at his house on the Mount Maunganui beachfront. Police also found some methamphetamine and MDMA at the man’s home, charging him with both theft and drug possession.

The man allegedly told police he stole the underwear because he was lonely and he liked to smell them while stimulating himself. His wife of 10 years had left him, the man says.

Only two women reported to police about their missing panties. But by the amount of women’s panties found at the man’s home, police say they suspect he made about 20 robberies, but the man allegedly claims it was just “a few times”.

“Two women had filed complaints with the station that a thief had broken into their homes and stolen their underwear, so we tracked down the suspect to his house and arrested him.”

If any women are missing their underwear, police ask that they check the evidence at the Mt Maunganui police station.


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