NZPP fraudulently posing as political party to collect donations

Billy Te Kahika continues to pose as the leader of an unregistered political party to keep donations flowing into his bank account.

According to the New Zealand Public Party website (which looks like it was built by an 11-year-old special needs kid) the party was formed by Billy Te Kahika in response to the blatant injustice and tyranny being hurled upon the New Zealand people by the Labour/NZ First/Green government. The main content of the websites homepage is a section unashamedly seeking donations to their New Zealand Public Party account. The problem? NZPP has never registered as a political party.

Billy Te Kahika was a co-leader of registered party Advance New Zealand but quit last week according to Jami-Lee Ross.

Ross, the other co-leader who is currently facing fraud charges, told supporters in an email that “Billy Te Kahika informed Advance NZ that he has decided not to continue with the party.
‘Naturally, this is sad for all of us.”

Ross told Newsgrub Billy “wants to do his own thing” and the decision was a swift one. 

It has been rumoured by Advance New Zealand party members that Billy has quit Advance New Zealand purely for financial again. One member who spoke to Newsgrub on the condition of anonymity said

If Billy stayed in Advance NZ then he wouldn’t be getting as big slice of the donation pie. He instead quit and re-launched New Zealand Public Party and is tricking his cult followers into giving donations and buying his merchandise. He still continues to wear suits in his Facebook Live videos, making it look like he is working. This is all a facade and all part of his plan to continue collecting donations so he doesn’t have to jump on the benefit.

Anonymous Advance NZ Party Member

Advance NZ didn’t even win 1 percent of the vote at the October 17 New Zealand election. The party, which largely had a number of conspiracy theories as its manifesto, got an absolute dismal 20,841 votes. 



  1. Actually I dont give a rats ass wether he’s registered or not to a corrupt society! In fact maybe we shouldnt register and join the braindead moron club of idiots who complain about a government and then re elect them! Seems like a pack of dumbasses to me! Billy will always get my support wether or not you lemmings complain hes been a naughty boy in a classroom full of Zombies whose teacher is full of shit!

  2. Newsgrub is kaka reporting! They should be fined for mentioning special needs tamariki as a contrast for a website. It’s a put down and was a rude and disrespectful comment to make.

  3. Hear hear Robert.
    If Advance members are talking to this shite journalist, you should be ashamed of yourselves. The article was clever in one way in that quoting Jamielee it looks like JLR is complicit in this smear campaign.

  4. I’m really tired of the propaganda newsgrub. Would hands down wipe my arse with this biased, non factual, poorly written article.

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