Otago University develops the worlds smallest condom

With just a few weeks to go, Otago University has finally made the breakthrough of the decade – by making the world’s smallest condom. So that mate of yours can now comfortably do the vertical shuffle without slapping on a loose garbage bag.

Scientists from Otago University have announced a new range of condoms suitable for micro-penises. For those of you unaware, this starts at 2.1 inches long which is half the length of the average chop.

But if you’re feeling self-conscious, don’t feel bad. As the university will assure you, finding condoms that are too long for your requirements is actually quite a common issue among men.

The lads and lasses at Otago University are actually doing God’s work when it comes to de-stigmatising the demand for smaller / smallest condom and catering to proper sizing. One should never neglect having the right fit for both sexual health and comfort reasons.


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