Red Hat Derangement Syndrome

I wonder if my life will ever go back to normal after I started selling red hats. Originally I tried selling them on Trademe but for some reason the listings got removed and Trademe closed my account. I was not successful at contacting them as my account had been shut down and i did not want to pay 1.99/minute trying to phone them.

Thankfully Magic talk radio heard about my unfair treatment and they convinced Trademe that there is nothing wrong with red hats and the listings went back up. A couple weeks later a journalist phoned me and asked if he could do an article on the hats. I was keen to get sales moving so I spent some time on the phone answering all sort of crazy questions. I was somewhat shocked to see articles about the hats, David Seymour and myself across several media outlets. Newhub, Newsroom and STUFF all jumped on the f#ck MAGA Mike band waggon. They all shared the same stories slandering me as some sort of domestic terrorist in an attempt to once again get the hats banned from sale. At first I was shocked but then I got side tracked by having to fulfil thousands of orders for the hats. It seemed the silver lining was considerably larger than the cloud.

No description available.

Over the last year I have seen a series of incidences of our failing state sponsored media trying to use red hats to slander people. From school teachers to high level politicians. The cancel culture is a hell of a thing. Social justice warriors disguised as journalists are trying to cancel people to create clickbait news articles. 2020 has been a crazy year, I must say I am waiting with anticipation to see what 2021 is going to bring.

An update on the smug MAGA-hat wearing teacher. – Webworm with David Farrier


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