Ronald McDonald arrested for flashing customers at North Dunedin drive-thru

A man is in police custody for indecent exposure at a North Dunedin McDonald’s drive-thru. Jill Johnson, a McDonald’s employee said the famous Macca’s mascot Ronald McDonald placed an order in the drive-thru on Sunday.

She told police he paid for his order at the first window then pulled around to the second window to pick up his food. Johnson and Joan Cann, the shift manager, said they noticed the man exposed genitals as he proceeded to film Johnson’s reaction.

Ronald McDonald parked his car and kept recording her as he continued to show his genitals, according to reports. He then jumped out of the car with his penis exposed and ran inside the restaurant and started shaking it in front of customers.

Ronald is hung like a horse. He certainly puts the sausage in Sausage McMuffin. The thing was swinging around like a bloody elephants trunk.

Peter Hollis – Dunedin

He left the scene only to return one hour later in an attempt to pick up his food, police said.

That’s when officers arrested Ronald McDonald and transported him to the Dunedin Central Police Station for questioning. Police are unable to give anymore information as the case is currently before the courts.


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