West Auckland woman to hand out urine-soaked cigarettes to beggars

A post on the You know you’re in west Auckland Facebook page caused outrage after a woman named Audrey admitted she is going to start handing out urine-soaked cigarettes to the many beggars who sit outside shops in west Auckland.

I absolutely hate the fact that every time I get out of my car at shops in west Auckland I am asked by hoodrat-looking, synthetic smoking, smelly, woman bashing, yellow finger stained, horrible dental, benny bludging losers if I either have a gold coin or any smokes.Honestly, does it look like I smoke? I wouldn’t touch dirty tobacco if you paid me. It’s disgusting and it smells… then I thought about it and I am going to teach these little Labour voters a lesson.I am going to purchase a a 20 pack of the cheapest cigarettes’ and I am going to ask my husband Bert to urinate in a spray bottle and then spray all the ciggies. I might even ask him to deposit a couple of droppings in there too just to mix up the flavour. Too bad I don’t menstruate anymore because they would be getting a boost to their iron levels too! So next time I am asked for a ‘got a spare ciggie auntie’ I will happily oblige and give you a piss soaked cigarette that you can share with your friend in the piss-stained Active Intent shorts that he stole from the Salvation Army Family Store last time he worked there on community work. Nga mihi, Audrey.

Audrey Ainsworth

The community of west Auckland was not happy with some people calling her disgusting and that she shouldn’t using the Maori language.

It’s not the first time Audrey Ainsworth has caused a stir in west Auckland. She admitted that she had started pulling down duck crossing signs in the west Auckland suburb of Glen Eden.