Whangarei man breaks into neighbours house to ejaculate in orange juice

A 72-year-old man from Whangarei has been charged with trespass, committing and indecent act and burglary after breaking into a Kensington woman’s home and ejaculating in her orange juice.

Willis Burdette has been accused of sneaking into his female neighbour’s house with a spare key. He was then caught on CCTV masturbating and then ejaculating into a bottle of orange juice. He then proceeded to shake it up and mix it in real good, before putting it back into the fridge so his unsuspecting neighbour would drink it.

Burdette has now been arrested for the incident that happened back in August, with the indictment stating the following:

Burdette knowingly mingled a biological substance and/or harmful substance, to wit: semen, with a drink, when he knew or had reason to believe that the drink may be ingested or used by another person.


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